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Dildos can provide internal stimulation to the g-spot, prostate, or other parts of the vagina or anus. They can also play a psychological role in arousal and sex play.

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When you stimulate your clitoris and vagina — especially the G-spot — at the same time, you’ll feel an explosive orgasm that may leave you convulsing or even lead to ejaculation. erogenous zones

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Insert a small butt plug in her anus, place a dildo in her vagina, and go down on her. “The idea that you can pleasure a woman in multiple ways is a powerful fantasy,” says Kerner. #Goals

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Silicone-based lubricants are longer lasting, and best for anal penetration as the anus doesn't naturally lubricate like the vagina does. However, if the dildo you're using is made of silicone ...

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My vagina is not too uppity to turn down a good deal. ... "Almost 100 percent of women can have orgasm with a vibrator. A man cannot do what a vibrator can, and there's nothing anyone can do about ...

How do adult performers handle huge dildos?

Recently, my partner and I acquired a very, very generous dildo to play with, and we discovered that we can only get it about halfway inside me before we “hit” the cervix and cannot go deeper.

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With something like the dildo you mentioned, I can't know how deep you had it inside your vagina: if it wasn't substantially inside, then by all means, it may have just slipped out. When we tense our vaginal muscles, that can also push out things we place or have inside them: that could be why it just fell out, too.

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The vagina is an incredibly forgiving area, very rich in nerves and blood supply . . . so traditional penile-vaginal intercourse isn’t going to cause any permanent stretching, although things ...

How deep is the average vagina? Size and appearance

This causes the vagina to elongate and the cervix, or tip of the uterus, to lift up slightly, allowing more of a penis, finger, or sex toy to fit in the vagina.