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Seat Belt Special Purpose Needle Loom Series
Seat Belt Special Purpose Needle Loom Series

Seat belt looms for dedicated to making seat belt, appearance and some of the features are similar to NDF narrow fabric weaving machine. Belong to swiss type looms uses CAM system to weave seat belt and tape have the smooth edge. A special device with EBRT to control the yarn tension that manufacture the seat belt with high speed and productivity, precision is weaving heads for easy adjustment to meet the demand of high quality control, and comply with CE standards.,lovense hush large

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If you have needle loom spare parts requirements, please fill out the form by "Spare Parts Inquiry" and provide ID number of the machine. And also provie the part number according to the parts manual, the parts quantity, photos or provide a sample of the parts. Will be served by a business specialist. get-it-know

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different size dildos,Based in Taiwan, cock armor sex toy Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Seat Belt Special Purpose Loom | textile machinery manufacturers since 1964.

penis ring what are,cock armor sex toy (fast sex toy delivery) industrial textile machines are designed to deliver fine quality textile knitting products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, hooks and loops, etc. Their textiles equipment is productive, high speed, easy to operate. It includes needle loom machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines and more.

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