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Electron Frame Needle Loom Machine Series
Electron Frame Needle Loom Machine Series

Lesbian toys,Electron frame needle loom also called a shock absorbing lanyard loom, mainly produce shock absorbing lanyards. The loom machine have 14 shedding frame adopt computerize the motion of heald frame, the first 2 are controlled by servo motor, enable to adjust the shed lift freely, unlimited cycle, program the organization. The rest of the shedding frames are high shed lift for easy adjustment to produce.

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sex toy hentai girl,Slow - stretching webbing, shock absorbing lanyards, tie back lanyard, backbiter tie lanyard, safety harness.

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If you have needle loom spare parts requirements, please fill out the form by "Spare Parts Inquiry" and provide ID number of the machine. And also provie the part number according to the parts manual, the parts quantity, photos or provide a sample of the parts. Will be served by a business specialist. get-it-know

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